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    SWIFT-CHECK is an interim testing artefact, which enables the machine operators to regularly check the performance of any small to mid-size coordinate measuring machine in a few minutes.
    Kompatybilność WMP GLOBAL S 
    GLOBAL Lite 
    TIGO SF 
    4.5.4 SF 
    7.10.7 SF 
    Software Compatibility PC-DMIS (V2016 onwards)  
    QUINDOS (Q7R18351 onwards)  
    Run Times Length Check: 20 Minutes 
    Ring Check: 5 Minutes 
    Sphere Check: 5 Minutes 
    Wrist- / Probe Head Check: 10 Minutes 
    Wymiary Length Bar Length = 300 mm 
    Ring Gauge Diameter = 25 mm 
    Sphere Diameter = 25 mm