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HR-MP-A3 3-Port Module Changer Kit for HR-R RACK

990,00 €

W magazynie - wysyłka w ciągu 1-2 dni

Szybki Podgląd

HR-MP-A3 3-port module with adapter for HR-R Rack. Compatible with HP-THD, HP-TM and HP-TMe probe modules.

The HR-MP is a passive changer rack that enables the fast interchange of probe modules or styli configurations during measuring cycles, guided directly by the CMM measuring software. The HR-MP rack is designed to store probe modules safely and securely, providing them with protection from airborne contamination.

The HR-MP-A3 can be mounted to a HR-R rack and therefore, does not need to placed on the machine table separately. It includes a 3-port module with an adapter to mount it on the side of a HR-R Rack.

Ilość Portów
Sonda Powiązana HP-TM 
Kompatybilność stelażu HR-R