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HP-S-X5/LSP-S2/S4 Stylus Clamping with Cube 23x23 (L60)

1 280,00 €

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Quick Overview

Aluminium stylus clamping with titanium cube for scanning probes HP-S-X5 / LSP-S2/S4 (5x M5)

Hexagon styli accessories enable the user to create flexible and individual probing configurations to measure complex geometries and difficult to reach characteristics.
Clampings are the link between sensor and stylus. They are available in different variations, for instance to minimise the number of time-intensive stylus changes.

Related Device CMM 
Related Probe HP-S-X5 
Female Thread (C1) 5 x M5 
Material Aluminium / Titanium 
Cube Dimension (B) 23 x 23 mm
Diameter (D) 60 mm
Length (L) 60 mm
Weight 226.8 g