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ID: 03939614

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Medium force probe module of the compact 6-way touch trigger probe HP-THDe.

The HP-THDe touch trigger probe has been designed to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and deliver highly accurate touch trigger probing. It offers high-precision repeatability and low 3D form error thanks to a highly-innovative opto-mechanical design capable of detecting nanometric movements in the X, Y and Z directions.

Standard probes employ a mechanical switch to create probing points which generate variable force dependant on the direction of probing. This force leads to small form errors sometimes called ‘lobbing’. The mechanical design of the HP-THDe touch trigger probe overcomes this force and delivers very low lobbing in all six probing directions.

The HP-THDe is a modular probe comprised of a body and stylus module; the modules can be changed rapidly without the need for calibration using a HR-MP probe module changing rack.. The probe is compatible with existing Hexagon extensions and styli.

This article contains the medium force probe module of the compact 6 way touch trigger probe HP-THDe. This module force fits applications with stylus lengths up to 50 mm or 75 mm (Carbon Fibre) and small star styli configurations.

Further technical information can be found on the product website.

Articolo precedente 03939604 
Dispositivo CMM 
Sensore compatibile HP-THDe 
Compatibilità corpo tastatore HP-THD-B 
Direzioni di tastatura ± X, ± Y, ± Z 
Attacco tastatore M8 
Filetto stilo M2 
Max. Stylus Length 50 mm 
75 mm (Fibra di carbonio) 
Compatibilità rack HR-P 
Peso 8,6 g