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ID: 00530140


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Quick Overview

Digital universal caliper with locking screw, without data transmission. Resolution: 0.01 mm / Measuring range: 0 - 150 mm



  • Perfect operation of the slider for a silky-smooth operation
  • Robust construction to ensure longevity and stability of results over time
  • High degree of protection against dust and liquids (even when the data sending cap is connected)


  • Reading comfort with large high-contrast display


  • Long battery life avoiding too frequent battery changes


  • Stand-by after 10 min
  • ABS or DIFF mode
  • Low battery indicator

Delivery contents
1x Caliper
1x Battery
1x Measurement report
1x Declaration of conformity

Product Type Universal Digital Models 
Measurement Technology Digital 
Measuring Unit mm / in 
Measuring Range 0 - 150 mm / 0 - 6 in 
Resolution 0.01 mm / .0005 in 
Max. perm. Errors 0 mm < L ≤ 100 mm: ± 20 µm 
100 mm < L ≤ 300 mm: ± 30 µm 
Protection Class IP67 
Thumb Roller No 
Depth Rod Square 
Locking screw Yes 
Dimension (A) 40 mm
Dimension (B) 16 mm
Dimension (C) 1.3 x 1.8 mm
Dimension (D) 3.2 mm
Dimension (E) 15.5 mm
Standard ISO 13385-1:2019 
Battery CR2032 
Autonomy 12,000 h 
Display LCD, 11 mm 
Zero Fixed 
TLC-BLE transmitter certified for countries / regions DE, AT, BE, BG, CA, CN, CY, KR, HR, DK, ES, EE, US, FI, FR, GR, HU, IN, IE, IS, IT, JP, LV, LI, LT, LU, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, CZ, RO, GB, SK, SI, SE, CH, TW, TR 
Material Stainless Steel 
Weight 157 g