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High-quality photogrammetry made easy

When it comes to shop-floor measurement, it’s important to have a simple process that’s as immune as possible to user error and the hazards of an industrial environment. Systems based on the principles of digital photogrammetric analysis are portable 3D measuring tools that use a high-resolution digital camera for data collection. This allows them to be incredibly straight-forward to use as well as suitable for the challenges of working on the shop floor.

How does photogrammetry measurement process work? To measure a part, it must first be signalised with a selection of targets. Coverage of hidden points or features, such as holes and edges, is ensured with the use of appropriate target adapters. The part is then photographed from several directions.

The images produced are processed either simultaneously with data collection (online processing) or after data collection (offline processing) through a dedicated photogrammetry software tool. The software can automatically calculate the 3D coordinates of all targeted points. The calculation is based on the principle of spatial image triangulation and is fully automated. With software that employs an integrated simultaneous calibration procedure, the highest levels of accuracy can be achieved onsite during the measurement process.

As you can tell, measurement targets are fundamental components of the photogrammetric measurement system. They can also be vital for scanning challenging surfaces with structured light scanning systems. They are used for signalling measurement points and are available in different sizes and types to suit different applications.

  • Permanent targets (P): applicable even in high temperatures, up to 150°C.
  • Removable targets (R): easy to remove from the workpiece after finishing the measurement.
  • Reusable targets (U): can be used multiple times to reduce costs.
  • Magnetic targets (M): easy application and removability as well as reusability on magnetic surfaces.

Our online shop offers measurement targets designed specifically for Hexagon’s range of photogrammetry systems and 3D structured light scanner systems, including leading products such as DPA Industrial and the StereoScan neo.