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ID: ART111277

2.270,00 €

Tempi di consegna 10-15 Giorni


Set consisting of retroreflective coded measurement targets with numbers 151-500. Ring diameter of center D1=15 mm. For magnetic adhering to the workpiece.

Measurement targets are fundamental components of the photogrammetric measurement system. They are used for signaling measurement points. Depending on the application, they are available in different sizes and materials. Permanent targets (P) are applicable even in high temperatures, up to 150°C (Retro-reflective up to 65°C). Removable targets (R) are easy to remove from the workpiece after finishing the measurement. Reusable targets (U) can be used multiple times and save costs. Magnetic targets (M) offer easy application and removability as well as reusability on magnetic surfaces.

Codifica 14 Bit 
Tipo di riflettività Retroriflettente 
Diametro (D1) 15 mm
Adesivo Magnetico (M)