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What is Swift-Fix and how do you use it?

CMMs are highly precise dimensional measuring machines available, but correct fixturing of parts is often a crucial aspect of achieving repeatable, accurate results. That’s why Hexagon provides a fully modular part-holding system for CMMs: Swift-Fix. 

Simple to set up and use, Swift-Fix enables operators to correctly fix parts of a wide range of different shapes, sizes and complexity. It works equally well with stationary CMMs or portable measurement arms, whether they are equipped with tactile, optical or multiple sensors. 

Swift-Fix combines standard base plates and fixturing elements that fit together quickly and easily to hold even large or complex parts. A version of Swift-Fix is also available in clear acrylic for use with vision and optical sensors. To ensure repeatability, each base plate is labelled alpha-numerically so that operators can accurately record and reproduce each fixturing set-up. 

Building in accuracy 

Swift-Fix modular fixturing greatly simplifies the CMM operator’s task. Because the fixturing components are versatile and easy to combine, operators can use them to build fixtures for different kinds of parts, without eating into design and manufacturing time. As a result, Swift-Fix saves time while increasing repeatability and reducing the potential for measurement error. 

Versatile by design 

Swift-Fix offers a full range of standardised fixturing components including base plates, standoffs, cones, spring clamps, tension clamps, toggle clamps and universal joints. The lightweight standard aluminium base plates are 12 mm thick, incorporate M8 holes and come with attachments to connect multiple plates together to form larger fixture plates. 

All the components are available either as part of a kit or individually. The bronze kit includes 46 elements for basic fixture assembly, the silver kit has 66 elements, and the gold kit contains 93 components, making it ideal for larger or more complex workpieces. 

In addition, an optional kinematic system enables repeatable and rapid change of fixtures, minimising set up times on a CMM. Due to the unique design, the kinematics are less sensitive to dirt or incorrect alignment, both of which would cause metrology issues. Shop floor operators simply place the fixture on a location plate, select the appropriate program, and the machine automatically measures the part. Kinematic base plates are available with tapped holes, or in a plain configuration for the creation of dedicated fixtures. 

Browse the full range of Swift-Fix range of metrology part-holding and fixturing systems here