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Quick Overview

Training for those who need to learn to read drawings or refresh their knowledge. You may be a future workshop technician, machine operator, inspector or measurement technician.

You who need basic knowledge in drawing reading or need to refresh your knowledge in drawing reading.

Course Objectives
To impart basic knowledge to build on. After completing the course, the participant can read and interpret a simpler machine drawing. You will be able to find essential dimensions and tolerances in the drawing.

Training Language

Course length
1 - 2 days self-study depending on prior knowledge.

Course Material
The course material is accessed at a web portal and is available after personal login. The course is available for 3 months after you have received your login information.

Course is an online course that you complete on your own. You work at the pace that suits you, at times that suit you. To complete the course, you need access to a computer with internet connection and email address. The course begins with a diagnostic test. You continue in the course through chapter-divided self-study. The final test can be performed repeatedly if needed, until the result is approved. After you have taken the final exam with a passed result, you print out your course certificate yourself.

Previous Knowledge
omputer skills

Web Training Drawing Reading Brochure: Download



Course Format Self-study Online Course 
Course Level Level 1 
Course Length 1 - 2 Days, depending on prior knowledge 
Course Validity 3 Months, after receiving login information 
Course Language Swedish 
Previous Knowledge Computer Skills 
Prerequisites Computer with Microsoft Office 
Internet Connection 
Hexagon Course Certificate Yes 

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