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Product Stories

Part-holding systems

Features and benefits of the Swift-Fix part-holding system

Fixtures play a key role in determining the accuracy, speed and repeatability of a measurement process. Swift-Fix, Hexagon’s fully modular part-holding and fixturing system for CMMs and vision systems, makes it simple to build and use metrology fixtures that facilitate fast, accurate part measurement with many benefits.

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What is Swift-Fix and how do you use it?

CMMs are the most precise dimensional measuring machines available, but they can only achieve repeatable, accurate results if the parts they measure are correctly fixtured. That’s why Hexagon provides a fully modular part-holding system for CMMs, called Swift-Fix.

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Laser Tracker Reflectors

A reflector for every laser tracker application

The Absolute Tracker range has been developed and upgraded over the years with a host of advanced accessories that allow for functionality such as probing measurement, 3D scanning, automated cell integration, and even real-time production control. But the simple 3D measurement to a retroreflector that was the laser tracker’s first functionality is still going strong and in fact as important as ever for a wide variety of applications.

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High-quality photogrammetry made easy

When it comes to shop-floor measurement, it’s important to have a simple process that’s as immune as possible to user error and the hazards of an industrial environment. Systems based on the principles of digital photogrammetric analysis are portable 3D measuring tools that use a high-resolution digital camera for data collection. This allows them to be incredibly straight-forward to use as well as suitable for the challenges of working on the shop floor.

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Absolute Arm accessories

Enhance your portable measuring arm with the right accessories

Standing on a foundation of cutting-edge technology, the Absolute Arm brings productivity, usability and versality to high-accuracy portable measurement. Reliable measurement that is as at home on the shop floor as it is in the quality room, and just as happy moving back and forth between the two, comes as standard.

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CMM accessories

Considerations when choosing the right styli and probes for your CMM

Regular replacement of styli used on your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is essential. While these products are very rugged, they should be replaced after long periods of use, or after being dropped, crushed or mishandled. When in doubt, always replace.

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HxGN SFx | Asset Management
SFx Asset Management

HxGN SFx | Asset Management: start driving manufacturing instantly

Real-time, in-depth visibility into your systems and operations is an essential aspect of the smart factory. This enables you to increase productivity by maximising systems performance, minimising machine downtime, and making more informed decisions about resource allocation and capacity. 
What’s more, getting this visibility shouldn’t be difficult. Usability and ease-of-access is key to ensure that operators and managers throughout the process can interpret and communicate data seamlessly, driving smarter manufacturing immediately.

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