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Quick Overview

What could your business do with real-time performance data about your measuring machines available in a centralised, user-friendly dashboard? You can enhance resource allocation by identifying which site has spare inspection capacity and gain insight into how your systems are used. Remote monitoring and real-time notifications make it easy to address issues on the go, prevent downtime and reduce equipment maintenance costs.

Metrology Asset Manager is split up into four main areas with different metrics: Asset Dashboard, Event Log, Asset Utilization and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

*The subscriptions are modelled per asset per year.
*If you already have an existing Metrology Asset Manager account, please contact your local Hexagon representative or email Metrology Asset Manager Business Development
to purchase subscriptions.

Metrology Asset Manager  includes two components: a cloud application, and a client application called the Metrology Asset Manager Connector, which is installed on each asset’s computer. The Metrology Asset Manager Connector monitors KPIs from all available compatible sources, including metrology software, the controller and sensors. The data is then encrypted  and transmitted securely over the cloud, enabling designated users to access it remotely.


  • Real Time Asset Status
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Real Time Dimensional Data
  • Real Time OEE


  • Easy self setup
  • Hosted and secured for you
  • Dashboard viewing
  • Simple pricing