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ID: GB0122-1000


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Delivery time 10-15 days

Quick Overview

Swift-Set is a styli setup device, which helps operators to easily and quickly build various styli configurations that fit into Hexagon’s HP-S-X tactile scanning sensors.

The right styli configuration is the foundation for reliable measurements on every coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Due to wear, collisions or changes in the process, configurations need adjustments occasionally. The correct setting of specific angles and rotations can be challenging and time-consuming, but are crucial for precise results. 

With Hexagon’s Swift-Set Styli setup device, operators can easily and quickly build various styli configurations which fit right into Hexagon’s HP-S-X tactile scanning sensors. Being able to create and recreate accurate styli configurations helps make program generation and probe qualification easier and more efficient. 

Swift-Set is a benchtop tooling aid designed to help users set styli module rotation angles as well as knuckle joint angles for a variety of different probe module sizes. Swift-Set is designed to eliminate guesswork and complicated measurements associated with multiple probe builds and reduce initial setup time.

Swift-Set is stored in a robust case and is ready to use in a couple of easy steps, making it accessable in multiple areas of the quality room.

Delivery contents:
- Swift-Set frame
- Angle tool
- Rotation tool
- HP-S-X1 adaptor
- HP-S-X3 adaptor
- Tools
- User guide
- Flight case

Compatibility HP-S-X5 Stylus Clampings 
HP-S-X3 Stylus Clampings (with Adapter) 
HP-S-X1 Stylus Clampings (with Adapter) 
Axial Rotation 0° - 360° 
Angular Rotation 0°- 90° 
Material Aluminium anodised 
Size 330 x 150 x 245 mm 
Weight 3,800 g