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Acryl Baseplate 200x200x10mm (M4) - Full Pattern

320,00 €

Op voorraad - verzending 1-2 dagen

Beknopt overzicht

Acrylic, transparent grid plate with M4 holes and magnetic mounting capability. For optical measuring systems to use on multisensor CMM.

Swift-Fix enables operators to correctly fixture parts of different shapes, sizes and complexity. It saves time while increasing repeatability and reducing the potential for measurement error.
The acrylic, transparent grid plate has M4 holes and can be magnetically fixed to ensure the vision system operates with minimal obstruction. The guide rail FV-GUIDE480 is required.

For more information, please visit the Swift-Fix website or download the CAD-file of the part: Step File

Schroefdraad M4 
Schroefdraad M4 
Grootte 200 x 200 x 10 mm 
Astand tussengaten 10 mm 
Materiaal Acryl 
CAD File Download Zie pagina met beschrijvingen 
Gewicht 570 g