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Calibration Set for T-Nut 22 mm (0.86")

489,00 €

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Calibration set with calibration sphere (D = 30 mm) and T-nut (22 mm) for mounting on the machine tool table. Set content see description.

Hexagon original accessories for measurement systems on machine tools ensure highest precision and reliability in the production.

1x Calibration sphere (D = 30 mm / 1.18")
1x Measurement certificate (Sphere Diameter, Roundness)
1x 3D-Shaft (D = 25mm) (5247)
1x 3D-Thread adapter M12 (5245)
1x T-Nut 22 mm (4411)
1x Cylindrical pin 6M6x80 (5250)
1x Storage box  (5251)

All images are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Bevestiging T-slot bevestiging 
Kogel Diameter 30 mm