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In het kader van onze nieuwe beveiligingsupgrades vragen we u uw wachtwoord opnieuw in te stellen
ID: H00033800-02

790,00 €

Levertijd 10-15 dagen

Beknopt overzicht

Angled probe (45°) with mounted M3-Stylus, tip Ø3 mm. For use with all Absolute Arm models.

Angle probes are used on portable measuring arms to enable the measurement of hard-to-reach areas of parts.

This 45° Angle Probe has a body length of 149 mm and an offset of 38 mm. It will be delivered with a mounted M3-stylus with ruby ball tip Ø3 mm, stainless steel stem Ø1.5 mm, length 10 mm.

Compatibile with all Absolute Arm models with a TESA kinematic joint connector.


Please note: 
The angled probe H00033800-02 has a 90° orientation variance compared to the previous model 54280-02.

Hoek 45 °
Kogel diameter 3 mm
Offset (Y) 38 mm
Lengte 149 mm
Stylus montage M3 
Behuizings materiaal Aluminium 
Taster diameter 10 mm
Styli Tip Type Ijkkogel 
Kogel materiaal Robijn 
Beschermingsklasse IP54 
Gewicht 61 g