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ID: 03939301


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Quick Overview

Low force probe module of the compact 5-way touch trigger probe HP-TMe.

The HP-TMe is a compact 5-way touch trigger probe. The two-piece design is comprised of the probe body and a detachable probe module. The body and module are connected together by a highly repeatable kinematic magnetic coupling. The modules can be quickly changed either manually or automatically without the need to recalibrate the probe.

The probe modules are available in four versions each giving a different trigger force. The HP-TMe system can be easily retrofitted and is compatible with existing touch trigger controllers, extension and accessories.

This article contains the low force probe module of the compact 5-way touch trigger probe HP-TMe, which is designed for applications with small stylus lengths (max. 30 mm) and tip diameters (< 1 mm).

Further technical information can be found on the product website.

Previous Part Number 03939170 
Related Device CMM 
Related Probe HP-TMe 
Probe Body Compatibility HP-TB 
Probing Directions ± X, ± Y, + Z 
Stylus Mounting M2 
Max. Stylus Length 30 mm 
Rack Compatibility HR-P 
Weight 11.5 g