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SKU: 03969040


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Stylus kit content visible in the product description

Delivery Contents
1x M3-Stylus (R-2-SS-1.4-L21) / Part No. 03969302
1x M3-Stylus (R-3-SS-1.5-L21) / Part No. 03969303
1x M3-Stylus (R-4-SS-2.5-L21) /  Part No. 03969304
1x M3-Stylus Extension (SS-4-L10) / Part No. 03969044
1x M3-Stylus Extension (SS-4-L20) / Part No. 03969045
1x M3-Styli Holder 5-way (SS-L13) / Part No. 03969046
1x M2/M3-Mounting Pin / Part No. 03969600
1x D9.5-Stylus (SS-6.35-SS-5-L71) / Part No. 03969047
1x Plastic box

Device CMM 
Ball Grade G5