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Stylus extension with M3 thread, carbon fiber stem Ø4 mm, Dispal® Ends Ø5.5 mm, length 100 mm

Hexagon styli accessories enable the user to create flexible and individual probing configurations to measure complex geometries and difficult to reach characteristics.
Styli extensions are used to reach difficult or deep characteristics of the workpiece. Depending on the application, various materials are available.

Carbon fiber is characterised by its very low weight and high thermal stability.

Similar to Renishaw Code A-5003-4865 
Thread M3 
Device CMM 
Extension Ends Material Dispal® 
Diameter Stem (D) 4 mm
Stem Material Carbon Fiber 
Diameter Ends (D1) 5.5 mm
Length (L) 100 mm
Weight 2.6 g