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SKU: 577250


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Quick overview

Imperial reflector holder kit. Kit content visible in the product description.

Kit Contents:

3x 577230 Reflector Holder 0.5” Drift Nest, Offset 0.5000” (Stainless Steel)
1x 577235 Reflector Holder 0.5” Target Corner, Offset 0.5000” (Stainless Steel)
1x 577210 Reflector Holder 0.5”, Offset 0.5000”, Shank Ø0.2500”, Body Ø0.5000” (Stainless Steel)
1x 576131 Double Vector for TBR, Shank Ø0.2500” (Steel black oxide finish)
1x 577120 Reflector Holder 1.5”, Offset 1.0000”, Shank Ø0.2500”, Body Ø1.000” (Stainless Steel)
1x 577127 Reflector Holder 1.5”, Offset 1.0000”, Shankless, Body Ø1.6000” (Stainless Steel)
1x 577137 Edge Reflector Holder 1.5”, Offset 1.0000” (Stainless Steel)
2x 576134 Tripod Reflector Holder 1.5”
6x 577140 Drift Nest 1.5”, Offset 1.0000” (Aluminum)

System Compatibility Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 
Leica Absolute Tracker AT930 
Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 
Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600