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M2-Disc Stylus (R-6-SS-L10)

66,00 €

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Szybki Podgląd

Disc stylus with M2 thread, ruby disc Ø6 mm, stainless steel stem, length 10 mm. For use on coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

The stylus is an important part of the measuring system. During the measurement, the stylus is in direct contact with the part.
Disc styli are often used to measure recesses and grooves. Depending on the application, different materials for stems, adapters and tips are available.

Ruby is the most widely-used material for styli tips. Thanks to its inexpensive price and high quality, it is the standard choice for most applications. It is an extremely hard material, which tends, however, to cause material build-up when combined with certain materials such as aluminium.

A stainless steel stem provides high stiffness and is ideal where weight is not critical for the application.

Similar to Renishaw Code A-5000-3611 
Przyrząd Powiązany WMP 
Gwint M2 
Materiał Końcówki Pom. Rubin 
Klasa Kuli G10 
Średnica Dysku (D) 6 mm
Grubość Dysku (B) 2 mm
Długość (L) 10 mm
Efektywna Długość Robocza (EWL) 10 mm
Materiał Trzonu Stal Nierdzewna 
Waga 0,6 g