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Probe with M3-Pointer Stylus (C-150)

464,00 €

Disponibile - Spedizione in 1-2 Giorni


150 mm carbon probe with mounted M3-Pointer Stylus. For use with all Absolute Arm models.

Probes are used on portable measuring arms to allow for the single-point touch measurement of surfaces and features.
This carbon probe has a body length of 150 mm. It will be delivered with a mounted pointer stylus with M3 thread.

Compatible with all Absolute Arm models with a TESA kinematic joint connector.

Lunghezza 150 mm
Filetto stilo M3 
Materiale del corpo Fibra di carbonio 
Diametro sensore 16 mm
Styli Tip Type Punto 
Materiale punta Carburo di tungsteno 
Peso 77 g