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HR-AB Accurate Base for HR-MP Rack

€ 650,00

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Accurate base with accurate cylinder, accurate fixation piece and mounting equipment

The HR-MP is a passive changer rack that enables the fast interchange of probe modules or styli configurations during measuring cycles, guided directly by the CMM measuring software. The HR-MP rack is designed to store probe modules safely and securely, providing them with protection from airborne contamination. The rack is available with 3 or 6 ports and in 2 different heights of 90 mm and 150 mm.

The HR-AB Accurate Base is designed to ensure the highest level of performance for the HR-MP rack. Its key advantage is that it can be removed and repositioned manually without the need for any tools, and when placing the rack on the accurate base, there is no need to perform machine or rack alignment or calibration. The kit comes with an accurate cylinder, an accurate fixation piece and the necessary mounting equipment.

Protección contra choques No 
Recalibración automática Sí 
Fijación máquina M6 / M8 
Compatibilidad de bastidores HR-MP