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M4-Stylus (R-6-CF-4.5-L50)

165,00 €

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Descripción rápida

Straight stylus with M4 thread, ruby ball Ø6 mm, carbon fibre stem, length 50 mm. For use on machine tools. Previous part number: 91.00-T53/6-CA-M4

Hexagon original accessories for measurement systems on machine tools ensure highest precision and reliability in the production.

The stylus is an important part of the measuring system. During the measurement, the stylus is in direct contact with the part. Straight styli are the most common type used in the metrology industry. Depending on the application, different connections, materials for stems and tips are available.

Ruby is the most widely-used material for stylus tips. Thanks to its inexpensive price and high quality, it is the standard choice for most applications. It is an extremely hard material
A carbon fibre stem is characterised by its very low weight and high thermal stability.

All images are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Número de pieza anterior 91.00-T53/6-CA-M4 
Dispositivo relacionado Máquina herramienta 
Rosca M4 
Material de la punta Rubí 
Diámetro de punta (D) 6 mm
Longitud (L) 50 mm
Material del vástago Fibra de carbono 
Diámetro del vástago (S) 4,5 mm
Peso 3,9 g