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Calibration Ball Set 6  

930,00 €

Tiempo de entrega 10-15 días

Descripción rápida

Calibration set with calibration sphere (D = 30 mm), extensions, magnetic base and T-nuts for mounting on the machine tool. Set content see description.

Hexagon original accessories for measurement systems on machine tools ensure highest precision and reliability in the production.

Kit Content:
1x Calibration sphere (D = 30 mm / 1.18")
1x Measurement certificate (Sphere Diameter, Roundness)
1x Magnetic base for calibration sphere
1x Extension (L = 75 mm / 2.95")
1x Extension for 3D-FI Calibration sphere (with 45° angle)
2x T-Nut 18 mm
2x T-Nut 14 mm
1x Mounting pin D6x80
1x 3D-Thread Adapter M12
1x Gauge Block (50 mm / 1.97")
1x Storage box

All images are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

Montaje Montaje Magnético 
Montaje con ranura en T 
Diámetro de la esfera 30 mm