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Angle Probe 90DEG with M3-Pointer Stylus (TC-L10)

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Angled probe (90°) with mounted M3-Pointer Stylus. For use with all Absolute Arm models.

Angle Probes are used on portable measuring arms to enable the measurement of hard-to-reach areas of parts.

This 90° Angle Probe has a body length of 173 mm and an offset of 43 mm. It will be delivered with a mounted pointer stylus with M3 thread, pointer tip, tungsten-carbide stem, length 10 mm.

Compatibile with all Absolute Arm models with a TESA kinematic joint connector.

Ángulo 90 °
Offset (Y) 43 mm
Longitud 173 mm
Rosca de punta M3 
Material del cuerpo Aluminio 
Diámetro de sensor 10 mm
Tipo de puntas Punto 
Material de la punta Carburo de tungsteno 
Peso 62 g