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Super CatEye Reference Target (SCRT)


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Quick Overview

Super CatEye Reference Target (SCRT)

Super Cateye Reference Target (SCRT)

Reflector with ultra-wide acceptance angle of ±75° from vertical around a full 360-degree field of view, embedded in a magnetic target base with magnetic shielding for transportation and storage. Mechanical adaptation of the SCRT can be established using the 6mm M4 centre bore hole.

A valid Super CatEye Reflector 1.5" (576962) compensation is required for the corresponding Absolute Tracker system prior to the use of an SCRT (576966).

Centring of optics: not applicable
Acceptance angle: ±75°
Material (target): aluminium with samarium-cobalt magnet
Mechanical adaptation: 6 mm M4 bore hole
Weight: 84 g (2.96 oz)

Compatibility: AT930, AT960

Requirement Valid Super CatEye Reflector 1.5" compensation for corresponding Absolute Tracker System 
System Compatibility Leica Absolute Tracker AT930 
Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 
Acceptance Angle ±75° 
Weight 84 g (2.96 oz)