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Probe with fixed ball (SS-9.5-SS-50)


Delivery time 10-15 days

Quick Overview

50 mm stainless steel probe with glue-mounted stainless steel ball Ø9.5 mm. For use with all Absolute Arm models.

Probes are used on portable measuring arms to allow for the single-point touch measurement of surfaces and features.
This standard stainless steel probe has a body length of 50 mm. It will be delivered with a glue-mounted stainless steel ball, Ø9.5 mm.

Compatible with all Absolute Arm models with a TESA kinematic joint connector.

Tip Diameter 9.5 mm
Length 50 mm
Body Material Stainless Steel 
Styli Tip Type Sphere 
Tip Material Stainless Steel 
Weight 54 g