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Steel Ball Stylus, D = 0.5", L = 55 mm
ID: 576514
Price:  €263.00
Quick Overview:  Steel ball stylus, D = 0.5", L = 55 mm
  • Thread:  M5
  • Tip Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Tip Diameter:  0.5in
  • Length (L):  55mm
  • Stem Material:  Carbon Fiber
Delivery time 10-15 days
T-Probe Styli Kit
ID: 576231
Price:  €4,296.00
Quick Overview:  T-Probe Styli kit
  • System Compatibility:  Leica Absolute Tracker AT960
In Stock - Despatched 1-2 Days
M5/M2-Stylus Adapter (SS-12-L11)
ID: M00-1126-006-000
Price:  €15.00
Quick Overview:  Stainless steel stylus adapter with M5 male thread and M2 female thread, length 11 mm
  • Male Thread:  M5
  • Diameter (D):  12mm
  • Length (L):  11mm
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
In Stock - Despatched 1-2 Days
M2-Spherical Cylinder Stylus (TC/TC-3-L22.5)
ID: 03969281
Price:  €130.00
Quick Overview:  Spherical cylinder stylus with M2 thread, tungsten carbide cylinder Ø3 mm, length 22.5 mm. For use on coordinate measuring machines (CMM).
  • Thread:  M2
  • Tip Material:  Tungsten Carbide
  • Tip Diameter (D):  3mm
  • Length (L):  22.5mm
  • Stem Material:  Tungsten Carbide
In Stock - Despatched 1-2 Days