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ID: 03939573


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Quick Overview

Kit consisting of a 6-Port probe module changer rack (H = 150 mm) and a HP-TMe probe kit 2 (1x HP-TBe Probe Body, 1x HP-TMe-SF Probe Module, 1x HP-TMe-MF Probe Module).

The HR-MP is a passive probe module changer rack. Probe modules are exchanged by the CMM under the control of the measuring software. The HR-MP rack is also designed to store probe modules safely and securely, providing them with protection from collisions and contamination.

The HR-MP6-150 Probe Module Changer Rack can carry 6 probe modules. It has a height of 150 mm.

Kit Content:
1x HR-MP6-150 Probe Module Changer Rack (03939482)
1x HP-TBe Probe Body (03939305) 
1x HP-TMe-SF Probe Module (03939302)
1x HP-TMe-MF Probe Module (03939303)

Port Quantity
Height 150 mm
Width 245 mm
Depth 78 mm
Related Probe HP-TMe 
Kit Content 1x HR-MP6-150 Probe Module Rack 
1x HP-TBe Probe Body 
1x HP-TMe-SF Probe Module 
1x HP-TMe-MF Probe Module