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Universal Kinematic Fixture Base

505,00 €

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The universal kinematic base remains on the machine and ensures accurate, highly repeatable placement of kinematic fixture plates without manual alignment. It can be used with any size of kinematic fixture plates.

Swift-Fix enables operators to correctly fixture parts of different shapes, sizes and complexity. It saves time while increasing repeatability and reducing the potential for measurement error.
Automated CMM measurement is greatly enhanced by kinematic base plates, which ensure accurate, highly repeatable fixture placement without manual alignment. The base plate remains on the machine while positioning spheres allow the kinematic fixture plates to be quickly aligned in the correct position. The universal kinematic base can be used with any size of kinematic fixture plates

For more information, please visit the Swift-Fix website or download the CAD-file of the part: Step File

Kompatibilita desek KPP-300/300 
Závit M8 
Velikost 400 x 400 x 16 mm
Materiál Eloxovaný hliník 
Stáhnout CAD soubor Popis 
Hmotnost 3 100 g