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Standoff (D = 8 mm / L = 20 mm)

9,00 €

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Standoff made of aluminium, with M4 thread. It is used for lifting parts or for attaching other Swift-Fix components to achieve the required height.

Swift-Fix enables operators to correctly fixture parts of different shapes, sizes and complexity. It saves time while increasing repeatability and reducing the potential for measurement error.
The standoff elevates a part to make it accessible. It also can be used to elevate other fixture components like pins or clamps. Standoffs are available in different diameters and lengths and can be combined to achieve the desired height.

For more information, please visit the Swift-Fix website or download the CAD-file of the part: Step File

Délka 20 mm
Průměr 8 mm
Materiál Eloxovaný hliník 
Stáhnout CAD soubor Popis 
Závit M4 
Hmotnost 2 g