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HR-ME3 3-Port Module for HR-MP Rack

735,00 €

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3-port module compatible with HP-TM and HP-THD probe modules

The HR-MP is a passive changer rack that enables the fast interchange of probe modules or styli configurations during measuring cycles, guided directly by the CMM measuring software. The HR-MP rack is designed to store probe modules safely and securely, providing them with protection from airborne contamination.

The rack is available with 3 or 6 ports and in 2 different heights of 90 mm and 150 mm.

The HR-ME3 3-port module is compatible with the HP-THD and HP-TM probe modules. It can be used as a spare part or to adjust existing HR-MP racks.

Počet portů
Související sonda HP-TM 
Kompatibilita zásobníku HR-MP