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Probe Kit - Extended (Carbon Fibre)

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Probe set consisting of 2 carbon fibre probe shafts and 2 styli with ruby ball tips. For use with Absolute Arm models configured for an external scanner.

Kit of 2 thick walled carbon fibre probe bodies with mounted M3 styli. These probes are designed for the offset position on Absolute Arm systems configured to accept external scanners. They provide enough clearance for probing without having to remove the scanner.

Kit is compatibile with all Absolute Arm models with a TESA kinematic joint connector. All stated probe body lengths are inclusive of mounted stylus, length 10 mm.

Kit Contents:
2x Carbon fibre probe body (Length: 150 mm)
2x M3-Stylus (Length 10 mm, ruby ball tips Ø: 3 / 6 mm)

Montáž snímače M3 
Materiál těla sondy Uhlíkové vlákno 
Kompatibilita Absolute Arm RA7 SE 
Hmotnost 465 g